Grants & Programs


With Great Appreciation ....

We continue to be succesful with our grant applications, the Village Club Foundation's check, $1,500 plus a donation from their centerpieces at their annual luncheon delivered a check to PRT of $835.

Paint Creek "Pink Day" of $565 added to our total income, along with Oakland Hills 'Friendship Day.  For the third year in a row.

The Greater Rochester Women's Fund helped us help uninsured women, $1,000 along with Suburban Motors gift of $1,000 also. Patrons Joe Kloka and David Powell have supported us for the past six years with $1,000 each.  

OaklandCounty Casual Day Fund sent us a $1,000 donation in 2013. Our expenses have kept our percentage of expenses to income even lower than last year.  We pay no salaries, our mailing is our biggest expense.  Last year we sent out "Thank You" postcards instead of a form letter to cut expenses.  

News worthy local newspapers featured Patricia Nolf, chair of the PRT, and Dan Dewey, better known as the "Coffee Man."  SJMO is very appreciative of our being honored at the Massachusetts General Cancer Care Hospital on June 10, 2014.  

Both of these nonprofits 'favor' St. Joe, Dan delivers coffee to the second floor at the oncology center where men and woman are receiving chemo treatment.

To read the honoree page of Pat Nolf being selected over 1,000 nonprofits, click on the website of Mass. Gen.  httt://  Read Valerie Harpers bio by going to the general site and typing her name. in October of 2013

Victoria's Delight had a fundraiser called "Wine, Women and Song."  A percentage of the profits was donated to the Pink Ribbon Trailblazers.  A five course meal served with special wines compatable with each course and the excellent food.  Her first evening was sold out, a second evening ended up being sold out also.  Look for info on the PRT website for a future dinner in 2014. Upcoming events:  "Body, Mind, and Spirit" presented by Gail Evo, Director of Integrative Medicine at Beaumont's two hospitals.  

Great Harvest Bread Company is spon soring the event on September 14, 2014.  On October10,2014, Orion Center will be hosting an event, "Dine and Wine" dinner, look for information at a later date.  Proceeds to go to the" Pink Ribbon Trailblazers" and "A Mother's Wish."



  • January 18, 2014, the Clarkston Eagles had a fundraiser for the Pink Ribbon Trailblazers including a spaghetti dinner, auctions, and music by Lisa D & E.  The total raised for the PRT was $3,000
  • The Greater Rochester Women's Fund, a non profit to help women in general, has granted PRT $500 for three consecutive years.   We receive that grant in September or October.
  • The Village Club Foundation has awarded the PRT a $1500 check for the past two years, 2012 awards have not been decided yet.  
  • The Clarkston Eagles has had a spaghetti dinner as a fundraiser for the PRT in the past three years.  We will receive a check for $1500 by May, 2013.
  • David Powell, who has donated $1,000 since 2007 with another $1,000 as a matching gift fund from British Petroleum.
  • Oakland Hills Country Club's "Friendship Day" has designated the PRT as it's local non profit having donated approximately $30,000 in the past four years.